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Save A Word Saturday 8

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(Full rules here : The Feather & the Rose)
1. Create a lovely blog post that links back to this one.

2. Pick an old word you want to save from extinction to feature in your blog post. Luciferous Logolepsy is a great database of lovely old words.

3. Provide a definition of your word. Use your word in a sentence (or even a short paragraph) vaguely related to the theme chosen for the week.

4. Add your post to the linky list below (it’s down there somewhere). Then hop to as many other blogs as you can in search of as many wonderful words as possible!

5. Use as many of the words as you can on the people in your life.

My chosen words:

n. – an argument

labefy: vto weaken

The theme was Exhaustion

An Evening Out : 

There was a howl, a quick staggering lurch, and next, across the glade rolled what looked like a cartwheel wrapped in a large furcoat.

Some struggling, heaving and gnashing of teeth later, the wheel split apart: two wolves, baying at each other, face to face, circling in the low evening light.  Their babag continued, but more vocally now, growl with growl, snarl with snarl, gradually turning to a whining that was almost comprehensible. Indeed, became words. Rather gravelly ones, but distinct, nevertheless.

‘Well? Have you decided?’ said the one to the other, his voice hoarse, labefied with all the arguing.

‘I have. We go to the river.’

They stood up on hind legs. Limbs straightened into human arms, thighs and feet, and the two werewolves padded off into the shadows, still snapping at each other. ‘It won’t wash off the smell, you know.’ ‘I say it will.’ ‘I told you to leave that garlic alone…’ And so on.

English: Possible representation of the Werewo...

English: Possible representation of the Werewolf Español: Representación de un Hombre lobo. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The moon rose high and three bats floated across the glade.

Sniff,sniff went one of them. ‘Can you smell that?’

‘Ugh, someone’s been eating garlic. Come away dear, we’ll look elsewhere for our snack…’ Mrs Drack flapped her wings a little harder and led the way across the sky, her husband complaining as they went : ‘Must we fly much further ? Only I am beginning to feel quite worn out … I am convinced I have an attack of nervous exhaustion coming on….’

British bats

British bats (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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