Writing Greenwood Tree – and more

Acorn Crunching

I have mentioned acorns before (near-concussion-wise): but it’s now that little bit further on in the time of year – and Greenwood Tree, whatever else it has, contains a multitude of the things, turning up in saucers, on pillows, in baskets … I have some additions to make to Greenwood (haven’t quite decided whether to put yet another acorn in there somewhere), and while pondering these additions, there is a walk I like to take which passes under an informal avenue of ivy-clad oaks; sunshine pokes through in satisfyingly soft, gauzy rays and after rain, we are left with the usual mirrors at our feet, broken up by those tiny, yellowish stepping-stones; a passing glance into another world – on and under the surface: look in, and you might fall; look at, you might imagine. Reflection versus depth … do I pause, Alice-like, to look and wonder briefly what it might really be like on the other side of the mirror?

Nah, not really – too busy crunching acorns underfoot, enjoying the conceit of their cups as goblets for squirrels, banqueting in the new season with its warm colours and often dramatic skies …

… mirrors at our feet …

‘Elves for fear creep into acorn cups and hide them there’

Another favourite image, although it leaves a puzzling thought: how big are elves, really? Shakespeare would seem to suggest here that elves are in fact either telescopic or permanently miniscule. Is there a manual or guide which defines the actual height of an elf? They do seem to vary according to who is talking about them …

And, come to think of it, rather than associate acorns with autumn, I find I look ahead to spring: yes, yes, partly to override thoughts of winter, my least favourite season, but partly because the acorn is the seed that will (given the slightest encouragement) take root and produce a sapling (which I shall then be battling with in the back garden) … It is the classic emblem of growth. Occasionally annoying, often baffling, ultimately unstoppable. Unless I pull that sapling up … ideally, I would transplant it. Sometimes there just isn’t enough room though. (I could make an obvious parallel here with writing – the old creative theme that asks for pruning, up-rooting and transplanting – but it surely isn’t necessary to spell it out …)

So on I go, crunching acorns – what a satisfying sound that is (seems destructive, doesn’t it, but they will mulch down and provide something to the soil even so) – and what a lot of them there are …

This has been a walk in the woods, in most senses of the phrase, so please don’t pay any attention. Wander along, or take that path over there, or stop and look up at the sky while I take a photo or doodle a bit … I won’t be long.

A walk in the woods …

2 responses

  1. I love acorns too – a throw-back to Beatrix Potter and other childhood books whose illustrations seemed to be full of them. What a lovely blog, capturing autumn.

    October 21, 2012 at 2:40 pm

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